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Motte's Story

Motte is a British family run business with manufacturing and design at the heart of what they do.

We Create beautiful bespoke kitchens and furniture, using innovative materials, texture and colour.

Motte designs made to measure in a huge range of stunning finishes, expertly crafted by our cabinet makers in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Middlesex, London.

Well Designed Furniture

Stays in Style

Everything we do takes a full understanding of your needs. We create luxury, innovative, functional kitchens and furniture that has a timeless elegance.


The functionality of your furniture is key which is why our designers take into consideration your ergonomics and how you and your family use the space.


Our Approach

Our collaborative design process embraces your individuality in creating your home, for this reason, we offer a huge variety of hand-picked materials allowing us to create furniture that can both fit your budget and style without compromise.


We manufacture our own furniture in Britain and import raw materials from the hand-selected award-winning europian partners. We use German hardware, Ethically sourced timber from France, and melamines from Austria and Italy. This allows us to craft the highest quality furniture, made to order with fast lead times.


Made To Measure

Everything we do is manufactured to fit your space. At Motte there is no prefabrication, allowing our designers to be free and have the utmost flexibility in designing your furniture.


Our Service

We take full responsibility for every stage of the process, from initial sketches to the finishing touches. 


You will have your own dedicated project manager who will be your main point of contact and available throughout your entire project and overlooking all the key stages to make sure everything is as you intend them to be.

Our managed installation service ensures that your room takes shape exactly as intended. We have proven expertise to oversee your project from concept to completion.

Environmentally Conscious 

The Earth is all we got so we do our best to have minimal impact on our enviroment, Our environmentall policy means that we are close to being carbon neutral. All our Timber adhere to the highest accreditation and FSC standards. We are proud to support The Woodland Trust and through their tree-planting scheme to grow more trees.


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