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Battersea Kitchen - Dark Grey with Copper leaf

A kitchen renovation off the lovely green Battersea park, brief was to design a bold kitchen for a newly built extension. We wanted to add textures the echo warmth and with dark tones in a well lit space.

Dark Grey Furniture

The kitchen was positioned to be open plan without being too intrusive on the living space, positioning the kitchen under the sky light allowed for us to be free with colour tones and textures to amplify the boldness of the kitchen space,

Features - Why settle for one when you can get Two?

- Breakfast pantry with Sliding pivot doors

- Carbon grey interior

- Copperleaf glass splashback

- Thick Raven Quartz with island drops illusion

- Bespoke wall cabinets

- Satin Black Franke tap

- Induction hob with built in extraction


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