Extractor Hoods for Induction Hobs

Induction cooktops require an exhaust hood that eliminates condensation. Motte, recommends the use of exhaust hoods specifically designed for induction hobs.

This latest generation of exhaust hoods draws air out of the kitchen while simultaneously replacing it, preventing vapor from condensing, ensuring it rises and channeling it to the hood.

Induction cooking produces a lot of vapor that tends to condense in its proximity to wall tiles, backsplashes, upper cabinets and anything in general. This is because the heat directly produced on the bottom of the pots and pans is transferred directly to the food. This creates a heat differential between the warm element and the cooler air under the exhaust hood, a significant difference in temperature. This vapor can be especially "heavy" and condenses inside the kitchen as it tends not to rise.

We recommend:

  • choosing an exhaust hood that covers the entire cooktop.

  • choosing an exhaust hood that matches the performance of the cooktop

  • always using an exhaust hood while cooking and immediately after

  • cooking with lids to minimise the amount of vapour

  • drying any eventual condensation that may have formed immediately after you have finished cooking

Consult our Guide to selecting a kitchen for additional considerations about exhaust hoods.


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